Monday, June 21, 2010

Father’s Day



I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day yesterday. I spent the day in upstate New York, so my Father’s day post is a little delayed! This is my Dad. I saved all the mushy stuff for his actual Father’s Day card, but I couldn’t help but post a little something as well. Holidays like these are hard for me, especially when you are so far away from your family. There are so many things I’ve learned for my Dad, most of which has been learned through example. He has been my cheerleader through everything and has always encouraged each decision I have made. He has taught me to never give up and to never settle for less than I deserve. I know that I am a very luck girl and very thankful for everything he has done for my brother and me.

In honor of my Dad here are some recipes that make me think of him…if we lived closer to each other I know we would be sharing these dishes regularly!!

Sticky Buns


Orange Chicken


Sweet and Sour Chicken


Garlic Fried Rice


Ginger Snap Cookies


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