Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wilton Course I

For the month of July I have been spending one night a week taking a Wilton cake decorating course at our local Michael's craft store. I was super excited to take this class and I had so much fun with it. This class was designed to teach you the basics of pipping. My friend Mandy signed up to take the course with me....our husbands now have high aspirations for us to start making some $$ now that we've graduated from the course. Mandy and I have other plans, we've decided to expand our education and signed up for another class. Here are a few pictures of my cakes from week 2 and 4. Stay tuned for pictures of future cakes from my next course, Fondant and Gum Paste!!

IMG_1031 IMG_1029  IMG_1163

 Class 4 - Roses

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